The B-BBEE Amended Codes:
How to keep your company's competitive edge

The Complete Guide to B-BBEE Amended Codes
What you’ll get in The Complete Guide to B-BBEE Amended Codes 
  • What are the changes to the B-BBEE Act
  • Changes to the generic scorecard
  • The elements on the new scorecard
  • How to comply with the priority elements
  • How to earn points under each element
  • Three categories your company can fall into
  • How your B-BBEE status is recognised
  • The B-BBEE recognition levels
  • Targets you should reach to comply with the changes
  • How to maximise your B-BBEE points using employment equity
  • Eight actions to take to maximise your B-BBEE points
  • Penalties and new offences if you don’t comply                                                                                                                                                                             
Now that the B-BBEE amended codes are in effect, is your company still BEE compliant? Do you know how to calculate the new codes? Can you still do business with BEE compliant companies?
These are questions racing in the minds of many business owners and managers like you. And rightfully so. Because let’s face it, if you depend on your BEE status to do business, and you find that you no longer score at the required BEE level, you won’t be able to keep your business running for much longer. 
You could lose out on existing business contracts, you won’t be able to renew some contracts and worse, you won’t be able to propose for business tenders with the government. 
But don’t fret! We have exactly what you need to ensure you keep your company’s competitive edge even after the changes.

What are the new changes to the B-BBEE Act?

The new changes include:
Reduction of B-BBEE elements from 7 to 5; 
How to calculate the sector codes;
Creation of 3 priority elements, Ownership, Skills Development and Enterprise and Supplier Development;
New compliance elements for large companies;
The discounting of the entity’s B-BBEE status by one level if the gazetted sub-minima for these priority elements are not met; and
And much more.

What does this mean for you?

This means your company’s B-BBEE scoring has changed significantly. And now, you need to restructure your business plans to make sure they’re in line with the new changes. You need to make sure you understand these changes. Because if you don’t understand them, you won’t be able to implement them. And this could spell a disaster for your company.
But, we’ve made it easy for you to apply these changes using this one report…

  Yes, I want to remain B-BBEE compliant

Make sure you comply with the new changes to the B-BBEE Act so you can still do business!

With our team of BEE experts, we’ve created a tool that explains the new codes in detail, how they impact your business and what you can do now to implement the changes before you get penalised. 
I’m talking about The Complete Guide to B-BBEE Amended Codes eReport. This ereport:
Outlines the changes to the B-BBEE amended codes introduced by government;
Shows examples of how to calculate your scoring using the new codes;
Explains the impact the new codes have for your business;
Shows you the targets you need to reach to comply with the new scorecard; and 
Much more!

  Yes, I want to remain B-BBEE compliant

Don’t put your business at risk!

Can you afford to:
  • Lose your business because you didn’t comply with the new B-BBEE changes?
  • Lose your current B-BBEE status?
  • Miss opportunities to propose for government tenders and other BEE compliant companies?
  • Spend 10 years in jail because you didn’t know the new BEE offences?
I didn’t think so!

The Complete Guide to B-BBEE Amended Codes

This eReport will help you:
Easily understand the new B-BBEE codes;
Determine which category your business falls into so you can calculate your new B-BBEE scorecard;
Align your business strategies in line with the new legislation;
Meet your employment equity targets to maximise your B-BBEE points;
Maximise your B-BBEE points using eight steps; and
Avoid the new offence penalties for non-compliance.

  Yes, I want to remain B-BBEE compliant

The changes are already effective from 1 May 2015

Remember, the changes to the B-BBEE codes changed on 1 May 2015. This means your company B-BBEE scoring has already changed significantly. You must start implementing these changes now!
Where do you start? 
Get your copy of The Complete Guide to B-BBEE Amended Codes and discover all the information you need to keep your company’s competitive edge for only R499 excl Vat!
  Yes, I want to remain B-BBEE compliant

Until next time, 
Tracey Ndlovu
Product Manager, The Complete Guide to B-BBEE Amended Codes
P.S. Order The Complete Guide to B-BBEE Amended Codes: How to keep your company's competitive edge eReport today and you’ll also receive a seven day money-back guarantee. During that period, if you feel it can’t help you implement the new B-BBEE codes, simply let me know and you’ll receive a full refund. Order today! 

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